About Loewe

Loewe develops, manufactures and sells a wide variety of electronic, electrical and mechanical products and systems, and specialises in the field of consumer and communication technology. The company was founded in Berlin in 1923 by brothers Siegmund and David L. Loewe. The company has its headquarters and production facilities in Kronach, Upper Franconia, Germany.

Today, the range has expanded to include televisions, audio products, multiroom systems, speakers and racks. Loewe is also represented internationally by sales partners and subsidiaries. These include subsidiaries in the Benelux countries, France, Italy, Switzerland and the UK. There are exclusive Loewe Galeries acting as flagship stores in many cities around the world, including Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, Amman, London, Madrid, Moscow, Paris, Rome and Vienna.

The place where my professional career began.

I started my professional career at Loewe in 2012 with training, studies and education. At this point I would like to thank directly all my colleagues who have paved my way at the beginning of my career. Below you can find an overview of some tasks during my 7 years at Loewe:

I joined the marketing department and supported the PoS team. My tasks were to support retailers, assist with store planning and other administrative activities.

After having made my first experiences in classic retail marketing, I changed to the online team. In our small online team I was rapidly integrated and had my first contact with website and online marketing. I think this was the first time I was enthusiastic and convinced about online activities. So from now on I have spent a big part of my free time with video courses, online tutorials and other learning resources. I just wanted to learn a lot more about the whole online area. 

That’s also how I became aware of the social media sector and began to build these channels for Loewe. In addition to these activities, I was also integrated into the trade show presentation of IFA 2013 in Berlin and was allowed to support the trade show planning in advance and actively advertise Loewe products as a promoter on site. 

Loewe’s first insolvency changed a lot. The company became smaller and smaller and important employees left the company.
But in such situations, as so often in life, there are always winners and losers. A few years later, I can claim to be one of the winners.

In 2014 I started to set up a social media team. This team consisted of experts from various departments and voluntarily added the social media area to the team. Mostly in their spare time.
The expert management of this team of up to 8 people was in my hands.

I also became part of the first eCommerce projects at Loewe and was thus able to help build the first online store based on the Magento shop system. 

Last but not least, I was also allowed to take on an important job at IFA 2014. This year, I was active as deputy stand manager and was also responsible for the entire retail area of our booth.


This year I put more and more focus on eCommerece and online marketing. Especially in the area of social media. So I supervised and managed the Social Media Team during my studies. I created campaigns such as the launch campaign for Loewe bild 7 and was responsible for all social media channels.

Meanwhile Loewe opened a new office in the heart of Munich. Thanks to some lucky circumstances, my place of work was moved from Kronach to Munich and I finally joined the MUC-Office.  

Thanks to some lucky circumstances, my place of work was moved from Kronach to Munich and I finally moved.
The MUC office was not only a place to work, it feels more like a second home which you share with friends. The whole team grew together within a very short time and supported each other cross-functional. From design, to eCom, strategic planning and online marketing.

Up to this point I have never learned so much new at the same time. Special thanks to all the people in the MUC office.


In the meantime Loewe opens up the third Online Store which was based on Shopware. Previously they had tried Magento as a shop system and also developed their own solution based on Pimcore.  

In 2018 I was still concentrating on eCom and online marketing. But apart from the focus on our own online store, I also dealt with eCommerce platforms. I can proudly claim that I realized the listing of Loewe on the Amazon marketplace within 2 months. And that without any external help. 

Another terrible time was approaching and Loewe slipped into insolvency again. But in the run-up to the insolvency I probably had the most formative time of my working life so far. Within a very short time I took on more and more responsibility and worked almost without interruption. We had a clear goal and after 7 years within the company, I was finally allowed to take care of a long-term eCommerce strategy. During this time I was promoted to Head of eCommerce and Online and developed a concept which combines self-owned eCom, external eCom platforms and the dealer network. Unfortunately the insolvency stopped our plans and closed my personal Loewe chapter. 

Some projects I am proud of

Amazon marketplace listing

Within this project I created the whole listing of Loewe products on Amazon marketplace in Germany without external help. The tasks therefore included the following: Amazon account setup, legal perspectives, contracts and negotiations, content creation, writing, logistics, PPC campaigns, inventory, customer support, SAP implementation, implementation in Loewe structure, process definition for eCom, reportings. 

Online Stores

Within my time at Loewe I´ve worked on the creation of four online stores, which were based on the following systems: Magento, Pimcore, Shopware. At this point I would like to emphasize again that none of these projects was initiated by me.
In the last eCom project the international rollout was also started. So we launched a Loewe Online Store in Germany and Italy. However, it must be pointed out in all projects that we have always managed to create the connection between corporate website and online shop. This is the point where even today some major companies fail. Below you see some screenshots of all shop versions.

Social Media

I started with Loewe being active on social media channels. Together with the social media team we achieved the growth up to 36.800 Facebook fans and up to 26.000 Instagram followers. Furthermore we achieved outstanding reaction times on facebook messages within 5 minutes. 


Helped Loewe to achieve 36.800 fans and engagement rates up to 12%. Furthermore we realized Ads campaigns with positive ROAS.


Helped Loewe to achieve 26.000 followers and engagement rates up to 20%. Furthermore we realized succesfull ad campaings with Instagram shopping.


Based on a study project, I developed a chatbot for Loewe. This chatbot covered both product consulting (eCommerce focus) and customer support (customer service focus). After a few month of developing and defining all flows, we´ve launched the bot on our Facebook page within the messenger. The next step would have been the integration into the online blinds and the website. 

Customer support example
Product sales example

360° video - Loewe bild 7

Together with an excellent freelancer from Berlin, we´ve created a 360° video of the production from our Loewe bild 7 TV. The idea behind it was that visitors to the IFA Berlin trade fair could immerse themselves live in the production in Kronach. I got the inspiration for this on an event from the YouTube Space Berlin. An extremely exciting and unique project. I was fully responsible for all areas. The video was published and shown with specially designed Google Cardboards at the fair in Berlin.