Here's an overview of the podcasts i have been a guest on:

lebegeil media - Alex Pohlein

lebegeil Erlebnis Podcast - 👖📱Das Buchungssystem für die Hosentasche – Alex Pohlein von ticketbro

03. May 2022
Here I talk with Jan-Hendrik Stein about the biggest challenges facing leisure operators such as indoor playgrounds, theme parks, escape rooms and laser tag arenas. We talk about topics like admission management, turnstiles, marketing, automation and customer support.

How to fail while Start-Up - Alex Pohlein

How to fail while Start-Up - Alex Pohlein, wie revolutioniert ihr Ticketing Systeme?

08. April 2022
I talk about challenges in unifying ticketing systems that many operators have come up with over the years and what the future looks like for tickebro in the next 3 years.