My name is Alexander Pohlein
and I’m an e-Commerce and Online Marketing professional.

Alexander Pohlein - e-Commerce professional
  • Started working life with training, studies and education at Loewe and left 2019 as Head of Online & E-Commerce
  • Founded an agency for Online Marketing, Website creation, E-Commerce and Content creation.
  • Co-Founder of my own e-Commerce business based on a Print-on-demand idea.
  • Joined the global e-Commerce team at Leica Camera to work on an international e-Commerce project.
  • Co-Founder of ticketbro. It's an app-based online booking & ticketing system.

Young and talented e-Commerce professional with proven ability to successfully lead and grow e-Business for a respected brand. Expertise in online marketing, social media and e-Commerce. Entrepreneurial thinker and open-minded team-player. Co-Founder of a social media agency and an online booking platform start-up.